EPFO - Mission

Our mission is to extend the reach and quality of publicly managed old-age income security programs through consistent and ever-improving standards of compliance and benefit delivery in a manner that wins the approval and confidence of Indians in our methods, fairness, honesty and integrity, thereby contributing to the economic and social well-being of Indians.

Instructions For Form Filling


  1. Use the appropriate form for claiming Provident Fund Pension, withdrawal benefit/scheme certificate, Employees' Deposit Linked Insurance benefit, etc. as given below
  1. If the employee's emoluments exceed Rs. 6,500/- per month, he has the option to join the Scheme(s) with the consent of employer.
  2. Declare previous employment details, if any, in Form No. 11 to the employer.
  3. On becoming a member of the Schemes file details in Form No. 2 ( family particulars/ nominations) through the employer.
  4. Rate of contribution payable by a member shall be @ 12% of his emoluments.
  5. A member can contribute statutarily over and above the prescribed rate.
  1. Ensure that all columns of the application are filled completely.
  2. Information in the application form relating to name, a/c no. should agree with the details available with Employees' Provident Fund Organization; which were furnished by the employer at the time of enrolling to Provident Fund.
  3. Application should be signed by the member/claimant.
  4. It should be attested by the former employer. In case attestation by the former employer is not possible, it should be got attested by any other authorized official specified with application form.
  5. Application for final settlement can be sent by a member on completion of 2 months from the date of leaving service, if the reason for leaving service is other than superannuation, medical ground, retrenchment and V.R.S./ Female members getting married etc.
  6. Desired mode of payment can be given legibly, if the amount involved is more than Rs. 2000/-. The amount will sent by deposit in payees' bank a/c. To facilitate this, Bank a/c no., name and address of the bank should be furnished. An advance stamped receipt should also accompany this application.
  7. Application may be supported by the return Form-10, showing the details of leaving service and details of contribution for the year in Form-3A, if not sent earlier by the employer.

Specific additional requirements:

A) Death cases:

  1. Nominee/legal heir should apply in Form-20 /Form-10-D /Form-5IF.
  2. If the member has not executed any nomination, application should be supported by certificate of family members issued by employer/revenue official/sworn in an affidavit by the family/ member/legal certificate from a court of law.
  3. Death certificate of the member.

Certificate of the employer stating whether the death was while in service of the member or not.

B) Pension cases:

  1. Joint photograph of member/spouse or the claimant should accompany the application.
  2. Option for return of capital/commutation should be specified clearly.
  3. Details of non-contributory period during the service, wages/salary for last 12 months should also accompany, if not already sent.
  4. Details of the branch of the specified bank may be given legibly.
  5. Date of birth certificates of children
  6. In case of death away from service, an undertaking by the claimant to the effect that the member was not working / had not worked in any other covered establishment after exit from the establishment on the basis of which pension is being claimed.

Common Defects In Filled Application

Type of Application : GENERAL

  1. The account number furnished is not correct. As per this office records, the Account No.TN/----/---#e relates to Sri./Smt. #
  2. Name of Father/Husband furnished in Form # differs from our office records.
  3. Details such as Date and reason for leaving service/Date of joining in Employees Provident Funds etc; have not been furnished by the employer in Form 5/10
  4. Waiting period of 2 months has not been completed. The application may be retransmitted on or after #.
  5. The # has not # the application on page No. #
  6. Benefits under EPF Scheme/EDLI Scheme and Employees' Pension Scheme cannot be paid through joint account. The applicant has to open a savings bank account in any scheduled bank including co-operative bank. In the case of monthly pension, the applicant has to open a savings bank account in any of the designated banks namely,STATE BANK OF INDIA,INDIAN BANK, INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK, ICICI BANK, HDFC BANK and AXIS BANK.
  7. Your accounts has already been settled and an amount of Rs. # credited to your savings bank account/transferred to your present provident fund account No. TN/----/--- #e.
  8. In case the establishment is under lockout/closure/winding up proceedings, etc, and the authorised signitory is not available, the applicant may obtain the application attested by the manager of the bank in which SB account is maintained.
  9. Signature of the authorised signatory in form # does not agree with that of this office records.
  10. Your name furnished in Form # differs from this office records.

Type of Application : 10C/10D

  1. Break in reckonable service and particulars of non-contributory service, details of the wages drawn during the 12 months preceeding the date of exit etc. have to be furnished by the employer in the format enclosed.
  2. The applicant has not affixed on rupee Revenue stamp and signed over it. Page No. # of application Form # refers.
  3. The applicant has completed minimum qualifying service of 10 years for claiming monthly member's pension, at the age of 50/58 years. Therefore, withdrawal benefit cannot be paid. At present the applicant may obtain a scheme certificate for claiming pension, for which the application in Form 10C has to be submitted by retaining option (a) against item number 8 of the Form 10C. Documentary evidence for proof of age of children below 25 years also has to be submitted along with the application.
  4. A sum of Rs. # (Rupees # only) has to be remitted to Pension Fund Account number 10 maintained by State Bank of India, in order to regularise the break in reckonable service and make the applicant eligible for pension. The application has to be resubmitted along with the challan of remittance.
  5. The applicant becomes eligible for reduced pension on exit from service and after attaining 50 years of age, provided the minimum qualifying eligible service of 10 years has been completed/reckoned. Superannuation pension or retirement pension is payable on exit from service after attaining 58 years of age and 20 years of eligible service.
  6. As per this office records, the applicant has completed # years of age as on date, where as it is # years with reference to the date of birth furnished in the application in Form 10D (EPS). Documentary evidences has to be produced in support of the date of birth, furnished in the application, such as extracts of SSLC book, School Admission Register, Driving Licence, Passport,Income Tax PAN, etc. Normally Date of Birth once furnished cannot be altered for obtaining Pension benefit
  7. Documentary evidences have to be produced in support of the age of children who are below 25 years. #,#.
  9. The applicant has to exercise option regarding commutation of pension against item No. 9 on page 2 of the Form 10D(EPS)
  10. The applicant has to state whether he/she opts for Return of Capital, and in case of option in favour of Return of Capital, sub item (1),(2) or (3) of item 10 has to be specified. In case of option is in favour of item 10(2),the nominee for Return of Capital should be a person other than the spouse of the applicant.
  11. Three passport size photographs (jointly with spouse) have to be produced duly counter signed and identified on the back side of them by the employer.
  12. The applicant does not have the minimum eligible service under Employees' Pension Scheme to claim monthly pension. Application in Form 10C - Format enclosed - may be submitted to claim Scheme Certificate together with the supporting documents, or to claim one time withdrawal benefit by specifying option (a) or (b) against item 8 of the application in Form 10-C.
  13. Death Certificate in original along with two attested copies have to be submitted.
  14. The applicant has contributed to Employees' Pension Scheme for less than six months and therefore not eligible for any pensionary benefts.
  15. Applicant has not specified whether he/she opts for withdrawal benefit or Scheme Certificate by way of option against item 8(a) or (b) of the application in Form 10C.
  16. The applicant is not eligible for monthly pension as he/she left service prior to April 1993.

Type of Application : 19/20/5IF

  1. Details of contributions for the current period viz; # to # have not been furnished in the application. Contributions have to be recovered from the wages for the period upto and including the month in which the applicant left service. They may be obtained in the format enclosed.(F 3A)
  2. Nomination in Form 2 is not available. Therefore, the E.P.F. and E.D.L.I benefits are payable equally among the members of family as per para 2(g) of the scheme, subject to the restrictions prescribed. Certificate regarding family members has to be obtained in the format enclosed either from the employer or from the Tahasildar of the revenue jurisdiction. Among the family members the following category gets the first priority viz., spouse, minor sons, unmarried daughters and dependent parents.
  3. For paying assurance benefits under EDLI Scheme 1976,the member must have died while in service and his/her name would not have been removed from the muster- roll and such facts must be certified by the employer in the prescribed format in Form 5(IF) enclosed. As in the case of EPF benefits, the EDLI (Assurance) benefits are also payable to the nominee/family members/legal heirs.

Type of Application : ADVANCE

  1. In the case of Advances on medical grounds in connection with hospitalisation of family members, the application is valid only if it is submitted before expiry of the period of hospitalisation. Relationship of the patient to the applicant has to be specified in the Medical Certificate. The Medical Certific- ate must mention that it is a case of hospitalisation for one month or more as inpatient in connection with TB, Paralysis, Leprosy, Cancer, Mental derangement or Heart ailment; or it is a case of major surgical operation.
  2. In the case of treatment of the applicant, Advance is allowed in connection with treatment for Paralysis, TB, Leprosy, Cancer, Mental derangement, or Heart ailment. Withdrawal is also allowed in connection with hospitalised treatment for one month or more in connection with any other disease or for major surgical operation subject to fulfillment of the following conditions. The employer must have sanctioned leave for the period of hospitalisation. The member must have ceased to be eligible for cash benefit under ESI scheme, or he must not be
  3. In the case of purchase of Flat/House/Dwelling site, etc; the application should be accompanied by a declaration-cum-undertaking, in the enclosed format, as well as the agreement of sale in original/certified copy. The agreement should specify that the property will be transferred in favour of the applicant or jointly in favour of the applicant and the spouse. Agreement which contains optional clause for transfer in favour of a third party is not acceptable.
  4. In the case of withdrawal for additions and alterations, a period of 5 years should have expired after the construction was over and completion report in Annexure XIII (format enclosed) has to be submitted.
  5. In the case of withdrawal for second alteration/repairs a period of 10 years should have expired after the first alterations and the fact has to be recorded in the declaration form as well as completion report in Annexure XIII (format enclosed).
  6. For availing withdrawal in connection with repayment of House Building Advance availed from approved Financial Institutions, Nationalised Banks, State Governments, Housing Boards, Development authorities etc; the applicant should have completed 10 years membership and a certificate from the lending authority should have been obtained in the prescribed proforma - format enclosed. The lending authority should have sanctioned the advance in connection with purchase of house/flat or construction of house, in the name of applicant/
  7. It is noticed that House Building Advance of Rs. # availed during # for purchase of site/construction of house was misused. Therefore, it has been decided to recover the same together with penal interest @ 2% per annum (simple interest). The applicant becomes eligible for a second withdrawal only after the recovery is over and a period of 3 years expired after the incidence of misuse.
  8. For availing withdrawal in connection with substantial alterations to the house a period of 5 years should have expired after the construction was over. Moreover, the fact of completion of construction should have been intimated in the completion certificate in Annexure XIII - format enclosed.
  9. The applicant has not completed the prescribed period of membership in the fund viz; # years for availing withdrawal under para # of the EPF Scheme in connection with housing advance/Repayment of Housing advance or advance in connection with marriage/post matriculation studies as the case may be.
  10. The application is not supported by the relevant certificate. Certificates A to F provided in the application refers. Certificate # has to be furnished.
  11. There is no sufficient amount at your credit in the employee's share. In order to consider payment of refundable withdrawal from employer's share, in connection with closure, lock out, a specific undertaking is required to the effect that the advance will be refunded by way of salary recovery in install- ments immediately on resumption of work or re-opening.
  12. The period of agreement has expired. The agreement may be got revalidated.
  13. 13. The amount payable exceeds Rs. 2000/- and therefore payment by Money Order cannot be allowed. The applicant has to open a Savings Bank Account in any Scheduled Bank including Co-Operative Bank, mention its details in the application, and furnish an advance statmped receipt in the prescribed space in the application form.
  14. The declaration-cum-undertaking is defective in as much as columns # are left unfilled/ the declaration is not signed/countersigned.
  15. For allowing pre-retirement withdrawal of 90% one year prior to the date of retirement, the applicant should have completed 54 years of age or more. The date of retirement has to be certified by the employer.
  16. A certificate from the educational institution where the student is undergoing post matriculation studies, duly mentioning the relation of the student with the applicant is required together with estimated expenses of the course of study.
  17. The rules prescribed by the schemes framed under the EPF & MP Act, 1952 do not permit to grant any withdrawal for the purpose specified in the application.
  18. The applicant is not eligible for the advance applied for, as three advances have been already availed under Para 68K of the EPF Scheme.
  19. The applicant was sanctioned withdrawal of Rs. # for purchasing a dwelling site/House during #. An attested copy of the registered title of purchase, along with the declaration in Annexure XIII has to be submitted immediately. Otherwise, it will be considered that, the withdrawal was misused and that the amount is liable to be recovered with penal interest of 2 % per annum.
  20. The applicant purchsed another property after sometime of availing the advance for a lesser amount and did not refund the unutilised amount of Rs.# This owes an explanation duly countersigned by the employer with his comments. More over, the balance amount is liable to be refunded along with penal interest of 2 % per annum.
  21. Application for withdrawal in connection with construction/addition to the house should be supported by details such as registration number,survey number of the property in which the construction/addition is proposed, duly owned by the applicant or jointly owned by the applicant and the spouse. The additional declaration and undertaking should contain details regarding estimate of construction, building permit number etc: If the constuction/addition is proposed in property situated in places where the Building Regulations Act are
  22. Applicant does not have sufficient amount at his/her credit.
  23. Advance for purchase of site/house cannot be granted since the registration of the property is already over.
  24. Advance for the purchase of house/dwelling site can be sanctioned only if the purchase is on behalf of the member or jointly in the name of the member and spouse.

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